Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Upgrade and Update


There is a man here installing a storm door. His name is Don and he works with a local construction business belonging to a long-time friend. This old cabin never had a storm door in front and the old screen door was doing the job of keeping bugs out but it scraped the porch floor and wouldn't open wide any more. That's because the concrete porch floor has gone askew over the years due to numerous ground freezes and thaws. My husband has been wanting a storm door for several years because the inner main door boards have shrunk and cold air (and dust) seeps in.

The new door had to be special ordered in a custom size because the doorway opening is not of a "normal" size, being shorter and wider than regulation ones. The carpenter has to add wood, make the frame plumb, and, hopefully - by the end of the day it will fit snugly and open and close properly! You wouldn't believe the cost!! At least the new door was ordered in brown. BUT! the dog won't be able to look out any more because the openings don't go to the floor as before. No door like that was found to be available in a custom made size.

I intensely dislike change! Even if it is sensible and "necessary." This blog could have been titled "Character versus Function."


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