Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Mind's Memory

All memory is flawed, weighted and skewed by individual perception. What has happened doesn't matter as much as what we remember. The mind-mirror freezes its own images.

I have not followed meekly behind anyone. This much I know. However, I may do some a little bit, now. It's convenient and easier than balking.

I remember feeling very bold and individualistic when a young teen wearing my boy cousins' hand me down pants with a fly and belt. It was unheard of, in those days, within my circle of friends and schoolmates. It made me feel powerful and stronger than the girly girls. I knew I was all girl but the desire for special attention then, meant dressing in bizarre outfits - for my sex.
Anyway, my memory sometimes has limitations. I freely admit this. The world around me might just be perceived and interpreted by relying on my individual frame of reference. It certainly has diminished with time and I may conveniently fill the gaps and bits between the fragments which I do remember with my own details.
That's OK. It's just my mind's memory.

GMR - April 6, 2011


  1. Kids still do that today....dress differently to stand out and feel powerful. That means you are timeless.

    My memory picks and chooses, too. It's funny talking to my brother because we remember things differently.

    1. Same here. It is called selective memory. My brother's are way different from mine.

  2. We all have memories colored by our individual perceptions. For instance, I remember myself as dashing and handsome at one time. Outside reports may differ.