Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Tangled Mind

Computer Creation by GMR 07/30/05
"Tangled Star"

Yes, that's a song and I listened to it just yesterday, but this is about my dreams of last night. First, a bit of background is essential here: I have WILD dreams - VIVID dreams - dreams that involve ALL of my senses. Often! Yes! I can hear all sounds and voices, see all sights including colors; I smell pleasant and distasteful odors, I taste salty, sour, bitter and sweet things. In these dreams I actively touch and feel all textures, and characteristics such as hot, cold, rough, smooth, and flexibility. I feel both physically and emotionally all experiences and encounters involved.

To go on.........Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming.........I was sitting on a concrete garage floor, preparing to bake a batch of cookies and gathering the ingredients together. The recipe called for crumbled graham crackers. (For cookies?? Well, remember it's a dream.) I searched all the shelves in the garage but couldn't find them but found bread crumbs. Not a good choice because they were seasoned with Italian spices. What to do? Aha! Just the right thing! Kitty litter! There it was. In the corner by the tires. I proceeded to scoop it out of the litter pan into my large square yellow plastic cookie mixing tub. (WHAT! Let me finish.) I hand picked all the clumps out and it was perfect.

New dream.........I was in a kitchen and didn't like the end of the wall cupboard because it was put together in two parts forming one triangle. The thickness of the left side board was thinner than the right side board. There was a strip of 4 inch wallpaper joining them together and it wasn't a smooth appearance. I proceeded to peel off the strip and when I finished, the boards came apart exposing ALL SORTS of pipes and wires and dark spaces above the cupboard. It was so very interesting that I just left it open for all visitors to examine and also enjoy.

Today, on a monthly 25 mile trip to Walmart, I saw a newly killed kitty lying in the road. (I haven't seen any other cat for quite a long while.) On the way home, I heard Perry Como singing "Dream On Little Dreamer" on the car radio. Triangle signs in the road warned of pipes and wires being installed by roadside utility workers. And....I followed a large truck which was tailing road painters putting down a new yellow line.

I don't believe in coincidences. KITTY - TRIANGLE - YELLOW - PIPES - WIRES - DREAM.

That's my kind of tangled mind or is it just complicated?

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