Monday, August 16, 2010

Heritage Tomatoes

In 2004~~~~~~~~~A camping friend from Pittsburgh PA gave me a couple of these. She said her dad (he was 86) starts them and gives her some. He was from old country, Lithuania or Czechoslovakia. She brings them to the beach in SC in September every year. I saved some seeds in 2006 and brought them back to PA. I forgot all about them until April 2007 when we were getting ready to head to SC, so I just threw my saved seeds into an outdoor container. Well when we returned in July, the container was full of tall spindly ugly tomato plants. Missy tore all out and threw them away except for four. They grew and grew in July and August and thrived. When we were preparing to head to SC in September I brought only 6 ripe ones those four plants produced. There were plenty of green ones left. Too bad. Guess the slow start hindered their growth and they matured too late. Be sure that I have saved seeds to start some more in 2008.

They're a heritage tomato and very tasty and meaty with few seeds. Now I have saved seeds 2008 and 2009 and will in 2010 too.



Old Fashioned Red Oxheart Tomato
Red Oxheart is an old favorite. This is a large large, fleshy red tomato that matures mid season with smooth firm fruit. Tasty to eat. The Red Oxheart Tomato requires staking.
An old-fashioned favorite with heart-shaped pink fruit that weigh up to 1 pound. Very meaty flesh contains few seeds making this a favorite for slicing and for sandwiches. Good flavor and productivity keep gardeners growing this heirloom variety. Non-acidic too!

Hungarian Heart
Oxheart tomatoes have been popular for generations because of their excellently flavored, meaty, large tomatoes that provide lots of solid good eating with very few seeds. The fruit of Hungarian Heart follows suit, with large, pink heart-shaped tomatoes that become 1 lb. and are just luscious. As a bonus, these plants are not shy bearers, but rather quite productive for an oxheart type. Hungarian heirloom.

Bull's Heart
This is a very old Russian variety bearing large pink oxheart-type tomatoes with excellent, sweet flavor. Strong plants produce abundantly, with some fruit growing to 2lbs. and more.

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